(it’s a sign!)

I fell down a flight of stairs the other day (sober, not pushed) and have been nursing a wound to my lower back (kidney-area, to be precise) and so haven’t been going to yoga, as I normally do.  I’ve also been slurping way too much holiday cheer (but not when I was going down the stairs), so there’s that excuse too.  Anyway, today I hobbled to yoga at a very strange hour (for me) and on the way home, I saw this couch.

my new motto?

That’s pretty much a sign if ever there was one.  “Become Your Dream.”  Even if you have garbage thrown all over you and it’s freezing and you’re covered in slush and even worse, you found yourself in this very situation on the bleak, charmless corner of 72nd and 1st – even if all that is true, “Become Your Dream.”

And so the blog that I’ve been meaning to start for years begins!


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