Get Off My Sac

Figures that the decade would wait till its last month to give me my favorite phrase.

A couple of weeks ago, I had a particularly debauched evening at Double Crown with a bunch of friends and a handful of strangers.  It was really fun. For one thing, there was kissing.  Grown-up spin-the-bottle kissing, but without the bottle.  It’s hard to have a bad time when there’s kissing involved.  My favorite guest at this dinner, however, wasn’t actually present, so I didn’t get to kiss him.

It was, I think, some kid in LA.  One of my friends innocently sent a one-number-off mistake text to this kid’s phone.  The fact that he responded was all it took for everyone at our table to start texting him.  And texting him.  And texting him.  I’m talking hours of  SMS mayhem.

You might think that we were annoying him, but he was into it.  For the next few nights, our new friend called each one of us at 4am.  Aw, I guess he missed us.

But back to my point.  He ended up giving me my favorite Xmas present – the phrase “Get Off My Sac.”  I know he didn’t invent it and all, but it’s really the best four words ever if you think about it.  New Year’s Resolution #1:  Use Get Off My Sac in regular conversation at least once a day.  For days that no one is actually getting on my sac, I get a reprieve.  But all other days, game on!

And for the record, my personal sac is imaginary.

In other news, I went to Sarasota for Xmas.

Sarasotans have their priorities straight.

Sarasota, for those not in the know, is on the good side of Florida. Generally in any discussion of East versus West, I’ll always side with the East, but Florida is an exception.

I like going there.  For one thing, I get to go to Denny’s, my favorite restaurant – no joke.  I get the same thing every time – an egg white veggie omelette, no cheese, grits and a biscuit.  It’s not only delicious, but it’s also a single palette meal, which doesn’t happen very often.

This trip was extra special because, for the first time, I also went to the Mall.  I think that’s the same thing as when tourists come here and visit Times Square.  I’m not being ironic about how much I enjoyed it.  If I lived in Sarasota I think I’d probably go to the Mall often.  But I live in New York and mostly try to avoid Times Square so maybe that wouldn’t be true at all.

Speaking of Times Square, Happy New Year!

I love that 2010 sounds so futuristic even though it’s NOW.


2 Responses to “Get Off My Sac”

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