We Interrupt This Program

Every once in awhile even Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things has to pause for a commercial.

Today I became a part of the amazing project called The 3six5.  Started last year, it’s essentially a daily diary of sorts with each day written by a different person.  Some are famous, some should be and most are in between.  But they’re almost all really interesting.  I’m super excited to (nearly) kick off 2011.  Please read my post here.  And pass it on!  (Don’t worry, unlike me, they have strict word limits!)

And while I have your attention, as of yesterday, January 1st, I’ve started another (additional/supplemental) blog called Margauxville. It’s a daily thing, and will be mostly just short musings about music, film, art, with downloads and stuff.  Check it out – every day!

Lastly, but most importantly, a big, very overdue thanks to everyone who has been a fan of my blog.  The comments and emails mean so much.  When I write these posts, it’s in such a vacuum and I am always surprised that people actually read them.  I can’t tell you how much the support means.  For realz.  Wow, I never realized before how heartfelt gratitude is impossible to write without sounding like a lame acceptance speech…

I’d like to get this thang out there more in 2011, so if you haven’t yet subscribed, please do.  (Upper right corner.)  And if you know anyone else who would like my writing, please pass my loooooooong URL on to them.

Okay, now we can return to the regularly scheduled programming.


3 Responses to “We Interrupt This Program”

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